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Policies and Terms of Service


Our complete Privacy Policy is available here

Privacy Policy (The Short Version):

We understand that the information you submit to create your stamps is or may be private in its nature, for this reason:


That is the short version of our privacy policy, period. We don't sell information. That is not the nature of our business.

Occasionally, we may send you an email to remind you of our products. Don't worry, we will not bother you too much.

Our complete and detailed privacy notice can be found here


We use SSL, Secure Socket Layer Encryption technology. Secure Server checkout is processed under the domain . Your credit card information is not stored in our servers.

Turnaround Time:

Usually we process any order in 48 hours. Please allow a little more time when ordering late on Fridays or during the weekend. Some items take longer than others. We will do our best to keep you informed of the process of your order.


We use the USPS with Delivery Confirmation service for various reasons:

Credit Card Charges:

Since custom products will be produced, your credit card will be charged as soon as you finish your purchase online. If for any reason the transaction was completed and the card was not accepted we will consider the order in hold until a payment is processed in the next 24 hours. If any of the merchandise is in back order or out of stock, your credit card will not be charged unless we can process and ship the order. We will contact you if any problem arises.

In case of trouble:

We are reasonable people and we are proud to offer a good product. However, if you are not satisfied with your purchase, let us know. We will do our best to fix your problem. If no solution is possible, you can retun the items for a refund. Please contact us first so we can provide you with an RMA Number. We will refund your credit card with your purchase price minus shipping if necessary.

Notary Products:

We have prepared notary stamps and seal models for most states using the best of our efforts and knowledge to comply with each state requirement, however, we cannot assume any liability for their use or validity. By purchasing stamps in this website, you agree that it is your responsibility as a notary to determine whether a particular product offered in this site suits your state law. By using the stamp the customer accepts responsibility for its compliance with any laws and regulations.

Limitation of liability:

The products or services delivered or performed by SELFSTAMPS, INC.. are elaborated according to instructions provided. Great care is taken to ensure the best results. However, since there might be errors in the process, please check all the material thoroughly to ensure suitability for the purposes intended.

You expressly acknowledge and agree that use of our products is at your sole risk. All our products or services are provided “AS IS” and without warranty of any kind. SELFSTAMPS, INC.. EXPRESSLY DISCLAIM ALL WARRANTIES AND/OR CONDITIONS, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES AND/OR CONDITIONS OF MERCHANTABILITY OR SATISFACTORY QUALITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND NONINFRINGEMENT OF THIRD PARTY RIGHTS. SELFSTAMPS, INC.. will only be responsible for the replacement of any defective product produced by us.

The purchase and use of our products implies your acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Ethical issues:

There are certain products such as notary stamps or professional license stamps that require a license or permit to legally use them. By purchasing those items, the client declares that he or she has the proper licenses, credentials or qualifications to purchase and use the stamps ordered. We cannot verify credentials or establish rules for selling one stamp or not. We cannot assume any responsibility of the use or missuse of the products ordered through this web site. We will however, maintain a record of all information of the transaction, IP numbers logged, time, etc. to assist on any investigation.

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