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S-837D Circular Date Stamp

4 steps to create your self-inking custom date stamp:

1Select your stamp model & size:
Price: $58.00

Shiny S-837D Self-inking dater stamp

Just: $58.00

Shiny S-837D
Circular Date Stamp

Circular or Oval Shape

Uses: Give your stamp a little more personality with this layout. The oval design will make it more attractive and recognizable.
It will let you stamp a message, like RECEIVED, PAID, ACEPTED, etc. and leave a reliable record of date.
The date rubber band lasts for at least 7 years.


Plate Size: 1-9/16" x 2"

2Enter the text for your stamp:

Type your Text here:

<< Upper text (curved)
<< Straight line text
<< Date (changeable rolling bands)
<< Straight line text
<< Lower text (curved)

Type text EXACTLY as you want it to appear in your stamp.
Use UPPER or lower case as needed.
Do not worry about alignment: it will be aligned as selected below.

3 Select your options:


view font samples
Note: script fonts are not recomended
Some fonts not available for this stamp.

Font Size:


Ink-Pad Color:

inkpad colors


view border samples
Note: use of a border is recomended
Some Styles not Available for this stamp

4 Consider purchasing:

Extra replacement Ink-pads

How many:

Special Instructions:


Dater Stamp

Dater Stamp

Dater Stamp

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