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ArtNoveau Monogram Stamp

Complete your order for your custom monogram stamp

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ArtNoveau Monogram Stamp

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2Select a stamp case for your monogram

Your custom design can be scaled to fit in any one of these:

Trodat Printy 46040

Circular Self-inking Stamp.
Elegant and functional this is our best selling Monogram stamp.

Diameter: 1-5/8"

(Your selected design will be scaled to fit into this stamp)

Select ink color:

Trodat Printy 46040
Price: $ 42.00
3Consider Purchasing:

Replacement Ink-pads
1 ink-pad Add. $ 12.44
2 ink-pads Add. $ 24.88
Do not send me any extra ink-pad.

Extra Ink-Pad Color:

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