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Notary Jurat Stamps

Custom stamps for commonly used wording for notarizing documents

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Your Jurat Stamp generally
contains the following information:

  1. A phrase similar to:
  2. The date:
    "This _____ day of _______ of ________"
  3. Your name:
    "by JOHN T. NOTARY"
  4. The Phrase:
  5. Your Notary Number or registration number

It may not be necessary to include the notary number, as long as that information is included in another stamp used on the document.

jurat sample

PLEASE NOTE: This is not an official description.
For the full legal requirements please refer to your own state laws.


1Select your Stamp Size and Model:
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Large Jurat Stamp

Price: $30.00

Price: $30.00
Trodat Printy 4927

Large Self Inking Stamp,
up to 7 line of text.

Plate Size: 1-9/16" x 2-3/8"

2 Enter the text for your stamp:

Enter the text for your stamp: Help with your text?

(35 characters per line. 7 lines maximum.)
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3Select options for your stamp:
Size: (to be changed later)  
Ink Color: inkpad colors
Border: (to be added later) view border samples
4 Consider adding:

Replacement Ink-pads
1 ink-pad Add. $ 9.59
2 ink-pads Add. $ 19.18
Do not send me any extra ink-pad.

Extra Ink-Pad Color:


California Jurat Stamp

Jurat Stamp

Note: These are some of the most common wordings for Jurat Stamps
Feel free to enter your own text if desired.

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