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Dater Stamps

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Trodat Dater Stamps

Trodat Date Stamp 4750 Trodat Date Stamp 4729 Trodat Date Stamp 4727p Trodat Date Stamp 4726
Trodat 4750
$ 49.95
Trodat 4729
$ 56.00
Trodat 4727
$ 88.00
Trodat 4726
$ 73.00


Shiny Date Stamps

Shiny Date Stamp S-826D Shiny S-827D Self-inking Date Stamp Shiny S-837D Self-inking date stamp Shiny S-837D Circular Self-inking date stamp Shiny S-828D Self-inking date stamp Shiny S-830D Self-inking date stamp
$ 39.95
$ 56.00
$ 58.00
$ 58.00
$ 62.00
$ 63.00


Date Stamps or Dater Stamps

Sometimes you need to quickly stamp material with a register of date.

Our dater stamps are the best and most economical choice for this use.

In this page we have the Shiny Printer daters: S-826D, S-827D, S-828D, S-837D in both Square and Oval layout and the S-830D.
Alternatively, we can supply the Trodat models Printy Dater 4750, 4726, 4727 and 4931 which are similar in size upon request.

The line of Shiny Printer Dater stamps brings unsurpassed quality with an affordable cost.
Ideal for date stamp with custom messages, like RECEIVED, PAID, ACEPTED, etc.
Available with date in red ink or all text in your choice of red black or blue ink.
The date rubber band lasts for at least seven years.