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Trodat 4726 Date Stamp

4 steps to create your self-inking custom date stamp:

1Select your stamp model & size:
Price: $73.00

Trodat Printy 4726 Date stamp

Just: $73.00

Trodat Printy
4726 Date Stamp

Extra long dater stamp

Uses: When you need all the space you can get.

This model allows for entire disclaimers and extense text. Also long company names or phrases that must be in the same line.
It will let you stamp a message, like RECEIVED, PAID, ACEPTED, etc. and leave a reliable record of date. The date rubber band lasts for at least 7 years.


Plate Size: 1-1/2" x 3"

2Enter the text for your stamp:

Type your Text here:


Type text EXACTLY as you want it to appear in your stamp.
Use UPPER or lower case as needed.
Do not worry about alignment: it will be aligned as selected below.

3 Select your options:


view font samples
Note: script fonts are not recomended
Some fonts not available for this stamp.

Font Size:


Ink-Pad Color:

inkpad colors


view border samples
Note: use of a border is recomended
Some Styles not Available for this stamp

4 Consider purchasing:

Replacement Ink-pads
1 ink-pad Add. $ 9.59
2 ink-pads Add. $ 19.18
Do not send me any extra ink-pad.

Extra Ink-Pad Color:

Special Instructions:


Dater Stamp

Approved Date Stamp

Accounting Date Stamp

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