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Trodat Printy 4911

Custom Self-inking Stamp

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Trodat Printy
Printy 4911

Applications for this stamp:

With more room and space for up to 3 lines this stamp makes an ideal personal stamp.

NEW Printy 4 model available in COLORS!

Is our best seller as a return address stamp. Also an economic choice for process routing stamps (Single status words like: PAID, APPROVED, PROCESSED, CANCELLED, PAST DUE, etc.)

Your choice of text; totally customizable.

Ideal for:

  • Return address stamps
  • Endorsement stamp
  • Small Signature Stamp
  • Professional Stamp. (Name and title or professional license)
  • Name and phone numbers
  • Change of address stamp
  • New telephone number stamp
  • Website address stamp
  • One word messages like:
    PAID, CANCELLED, VOID, or any word you need
    (completely customized)


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Price: $20.00

Price: $20.00

Trodat Printy 4911

Small Self Inking Stamp,
up to 3 lines of text.

Plate Size: 9/16" x 1-1/2"

Now Available in Color:

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