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QR Code Stamp

QR Code Generator and stamp ordering page.

1Generate your own QR Code:

Enter your text here:

This text can be a web address, email or complete contact information.
A Bitcoin adress can be used as well.
The shorter the text, the more reliable on smaller smartphones.
Enter your text to the left, click on "generate" and this code will change to display your information.
If you want to keep it, just save the image FREE!. To order a custom stamp, scroll down for more options.

qr code

Test your QR Code!.

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2Chose how to mount your QR Code Stamp:

Trodat Printy 4924

Print Size: 1-5/8" x 1-5/8"
inkpad colors
Ink Color:
Price: $ 42.00

Also, Consider Purchasing:

Replacement Ink-pads
1 ink-pad Add. $ 10.60
2 ink-pads Add. $ 21.20
Do not send me any extra ink-pad.

Extra Ink-Pad Color: